An optimal Adwords account setup is the first step to a successful campaign, even more so in hospitality as the competition is so fierce that any small win can have a huge impact on performance.

But why should you make this your priority? What exactly can a great campaign setup do to improve your business? Here are five solid reasons you need to know:

  • Relevancy – We all know that relevancy is the most centric concept in search engine marketing. Building your campaigns in the most granular way, grouping them by themes, landing pages information or by type of product, guarantees a high quality score.
  • Make your life easy – Having an optimal account structure also means to make it easy on yourself. Be consistent in naming your campaigns, by market, region, brand vs generic keywords or even Display vs Search. A clear well-structured account will help you better understand the data and make better bidding decisions.
  • Performance – ROI differs from one market to another, from one month to the other. In order to manage the seasonality changes and booking patterns across all your target markets an optimal structure (regions structure) is needed. This will allow you to maximise your ROI by being more aggressive in markets where your customers are currently booking.
  • Top campaigns – Make sure your best performing keywords have their own campaign. This is the best way to prioritise your daily optimisation tasks and focus on the keywords that drive most of the revenue.
  • Don’t miss opportunities – Create campaigns that can be easily duplicated. If the data suggest that demand is increasing in a market that you are not covering, it should take you minimal effort to expand to that new market. It is important for your campaigns to be scalable.

If you follow these steps you should be on your way to a successful Adwords campaign. And if you’d like to know further on how it works simply contact us for a consultation session.