These days you can pretty much buy everything online. And with the internet being a huge competitive market, customers are more savvy and will not shop at your e-Commerce store if it’s poorly structured and designed.

Now if it was so easy everyone would be doing it but before you do decide on doing so, make sure you have these 10 features on your e-Commerce store:

1. Latest news/most popular products

The worst thing is losing potential buyers because your website has an unattractive Hero image. Set an eye-catcher visual on your index page to make visitors interested to stay on your website. You could also highlight new products and advertise them directly in your online store.


2. Deals

People love deals and sales. Make sure visitors see them straight away. Discounts or deals are usually the first thing they are looking for. Colours are the best way to put them in the right light. But don’t exaggerate – they will be overwhelmed and confused if there’s too many things going on.


3. Related Products/what other customers bought

This cool feature leads buyers to relevant products and makes it easier for accurate shopping. Headlines such as “Customers who bought this also bought” creates trust towards your products and creates a higher chance of purchase.


4. Login Box

Let new customers sign in for an account where you can provide special deals, let them track their shipping and even revisit their favorites list – they will love it!


5. Shopping cart/Search Box

Want your visitors to purchase more than one item at once? Add a shopping cart with a simple icon such as a basket. And do you have lots of products? A search box is a must-have. It allows your customers a quick search on what they are looking for.

6. Product Zoom

Probably the biggest minus in online stores that you can’t touch or feel products. The product-zoom-feature can replace that and has become increasingly popular the last years. Allow your customer to get the very detail of your products.


7. Payment options/Multiple currencies

Do you ship globally? Make sure there is no chance your store is missing multiple currencies and different payment options. Be aware that each country has their own preferred payment system. Include at least credit and debit card, cash on delivery, immediate transfer and PayPal. Your customers will thank you for that.

8. Mobile responsive

Shopping habits are increasing more and more towards mobile. Make sure your online store is mobile responsive – unless you want to miss those potential customers.


9. Social Media Links

People want public opinions about products. The most common way is to check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and co. Keep your customers up to date with news or deals with help of those channels. Moreover, it’s a great chance for self-promotion if customers share your products.


10. Call to Action (CTA)

Last but very important: Call-to-Action buttons that you have to include in every single page, such as “add to cart”, “shop sale”, “buy now”, “pay now”, “email a friend”, “share”. Those encourage shoppers to go one step ahead until the payment is completed.


Got the basics of your e-commerce store ready? Well done! These aren’t the only features we recommend you to implement. So stay tuned for more key features we’d recommend!