It was an eventful Friday morning for the team at Swell when 30 employees of the IHG Group Bali showed up for our Digital Marketing Training at Intercontinental Resort in Jimbaran, Bali.

Our aim on that day was to give the team at IHG insights on how to amplify their digital marketing strategy thus we presented the many available tools which can increase direct bookings to their hotel and how to influence customer’s booking decision. Topics such as Industry Trends, Web Design, Performance Marketing and Social Media were presented and explained.

Hicham Benyebdri, Managing Director of Swell, presented Industry Trends which every hotel should be aware of nowadays including understanding a customer’s purchase behaviour and their journey until they make the booking. Moreover Hicham also spoke about how to reach the right audience at the right times through Performance Marketing with tools such as Google AdWords, Display & Remarketing. He also touched on the importance of e-mail marketing which got everyone concentrated and intrigued.


Savina on the left, Hicham on the right

Another important aspect to the training was introducing the element of Web Design which can either make or break your customer’s decision on booking at your website vs. an OTA. With that in mind, we had Savina Karaivanova, Account Director of Swell, shared her insights on Conversion Triggers which can strongly influence a customer’s booking decision as well as creating a profitable User Experience. The key takeaway from her was that building credibility is as important as personalizing your customer’s website experience to drive conversions and traffic.


Lastly, Social Media Manager Nadzirah Hashim, covered the topics and trends that hotels needed to understand in Social Media and Blogging which brought some important questions to the audience at the end of the session. For example, some of the hotels within the training have already tried blogging and had questions about which social media channels should they be feeding their content. In fact the topic of blogging became interesting especially when Nadzirah highlighted that blogging costs 60% less than outbound marketing and drives traffic to the website.

Overall, plenty of interesting and thought provoking questions were discussed amongst the group and were answered by the team at Swell to provide them better insights. If you are interested in having a training with us, visit our website for more information about our services and trainings. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.