With over 400 million users, Instagram has become an essential element of every hotels’ marketing strategy and one of the most effective tools to get your brand across to the new generation of millennial travelers. The features which the platform offers are perfect for building a relationship with your audience and showcasing the uniqueness of your property.

So let’s talk about the newest and most interesting feature that the platform has released and how to use it most effectively for increasing your brand awareness and getting those direct bookings.

Instagram has recently introduced e-commerce features to the Insta Stories. It’s a new functionality which is still in beta testing and available to a select number of e-commerce brands. It allows brands to feature products and offers in their Insta Stories which users can then add to a shopping cart.

The features allow to display product images, descriptions and pricing information with links that lead directly to your website.

While still in beta and not available for all business accounts, this could be a great opportunity for hotels to capitalize on this feature by showcasing rooms and special deals.

Instagram stories are the perfect way to offer a limited time discount and they allow you to give a special promo code to your followers. Apart from making them feel privileged to have access to your special deals, you can send your followers directly to your booking engine with a special link with the discounted price. The deal will be available for 24 hours which will urge the users to book a room before it’s too late.

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