According to, a freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer or just sells services by the hour, day or project. Freelancers are found all over the world yet it seems to attract them lately more and more to one small island in Asia: Bali, not only the paradise for travellers but now also home and workspace for digital nomads. According to a magazine in Switzerland it is even the number one place to go for Swiss freelancers. Sitting at the pool, sipping on a green smoothie while working on the computer sounds like a dream job to a lot of westerners.

But should you also work with one of these many freelancers?


If you just need a one time graphic design work done or a simple text for your blog, it’s a smart idea to go with a freelancer because of the simplicity of the project. Freelancers are mostly specialized in one are and if you know exactly what you need, hiring one of those digital nomads is not a bad idea. And if you are on a minor budget, a freelancer usually offers lower rates, although the prices can vary.


A creative or digital agency on the other hand has a whole team of specialist. While one works on your social media account another is working on the website’s user experience. An agency most likely works with clients on a long-term basis rather then just seeing it as a one-time project. Since an agency has more resources they can provide a faster time to completion or handle even the most demanding deadline. An agency works full-time on your project and during business hours you can almost always reach someone if you have questions. While freelancers work on different projects and choose their times to work on something, it sometimes can be challenging to reach them.

We from Swell are a small digital media agency with talented individuals. Our main focus is always to reach a long-term success for our clients.