As a business owner marketing should not only be on your to-do-list but rather your first priority.

While only a few years ago the choice between advertising material was easy – print media, radio, public relations or direct marketing – nowadays online or social media marketing is not something to have on top, it’s the norm.

And digital marketing trends as well as technology changes rapidly and it doesn’t seem to stop.

This means every business owners and hoteliers’ biggest challenge in the present is to simply keep up.

Milestone Insights summarizes last years digital marketing trends for the hospitality industry as follows:

  • Mobile Presence
  • Local Presence
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Paid Search
  • Customer Journey

The list clearly shows that only holding a website and a few social media accounts is not enough these days.

And with Google’s ever-changing algorithm a business needs to optimize its SEO strategy and social media advertising.

Furthermore its recommended paying attention to the social search optimization.

Especially hotels, looking for a better reach from direct clients need to stand out with their activities.

To keep up with all these changes and trends our media agency helps you to define the best strategy for your hotel or business.

From delivering innovative marketing solutions to creating awareness Swell Agency will help you to be ahead of your competitors and to use online marketing wisely.