You are not alone. When it comes to Social Media Marketing it seems kind of overwhelming. But we got you covered. Here is some of the latest news you should know and consider for your business.


By now you’ve already seen the changes in your feed and especially the differences when it comes to your pictures’ likes. So it’s harder to reach as much people as you did before. Of course there is a solution to that. It’s called money. Like on Facebook you just pay for ads. You can choose from photo, video or carousel ads. And here is some really good news: With the new Instagram Business Tools you will soon be able to get lots of information about your followers. You will see which posts resonate better then others and learn more about the behavior of your audience.


While people usually use Instagram to see what’s going on in their friend’s life or stalking celebrities, Pinterest is more used like Google. People are searching for home decoration ideas, looking for recipes or inspiration for a new outfit. With the buy it pin, rolled out last year, Pinterest has stepped up when it comes to digital marketing.

Recently they launched an even more interesting feature for business. Pinterest now will allow brands to target specific people based on their interests.


Snapchat definitely has taken the social media world by storm. According to unofficial reports, in the U.S Snapchat has reached 150 million users who visit the social media app on a daily basis and has therefor overtaken Twitter. Yet, very few brands are currently using Snapchat as a Social Media Tool. With the new Instagram changes this is likely to change in 2016.