Do you remember when we used to see robots acting like humans in science fiction movies and we all thought this is utopian? Well, it is happening in near future, in fact, it’s already happening now in the hospitality industry.

Hoteliers are aware that traditional marketing belongs to the past. Now we live in an era where artificial intelligence is a key to stay on top of the fierce competition. Furthermore, today’s guests are really tech savvy and they expect hotels to keep up with every single technology trend.

How does AI work?

Artificial intelligence is a large concept that gathers many technologies, like machine learning, natural language processing, Big data etc.

Elaborated machines have been created to store all the knowledge they have received through time and use them to respond to the customer’s requests. In fact, AI draws information from big data, which helps to present a more tailored and personalized service to the customer.

AI and hospitality industry:

  1. Front desk tasks:

    With AI making its way to the hospitality industry, many hotel services will change. A check-in in an empowered AI hotel requires a facial recognition/key system. For instance, when a guest arrives at the reception, the machine will use facial recognition to make sure the guest has already booked and then, delivers the key room to his phone. Forget about the long queue for check-in/check-out. Luggage service is also replaced by a robot that carries your luggage straight to your room.

  2. Chat platforms:

    The hospitality industry is a business that requires a 24/7 attention towards guests. That’s a task that a chatbot can perfectly handle, especially lately with the growing use of mobile devices.

    Although most hotel websites have a messaging option, customers prefer using chatbots for several reasons. It allows the customer to have an instant answer at any time of the day. Also, when seeking for accommodations in town, a chatbot gives relevant options.

    AI technologies know the guest’s information instantly by checking all his social media accounts (If public), his reviews on TripAdvisor and therefore give a list of recommendations to the hotelier based on the guest’s preferences.

  3. CRM strategy:

    Customers are looking hopelessly for a more personalized experience, and here is where AI shines.Big data allows hoteliers to know a lot about their guests: last online purchase, food preferences …everything.

    A hotelier is supposed to use this information to give his guest an unforgettable experience. The more you personally know about your customer, the more you will be able to exceed his expectations.

    Connie the concierge might be the best example of using AI in the hospitality industry.Hilton Worldwide partnered with IBM’s Watson to create an AI concierge bot named “Connie”. It has the ability to stand at 2 feet high just like a human being. Connie draws information from WayBlazer travel database to give guests information about places to visit, best spots in town etc.

    It’s true that AI can do wonders to the hospitality industry, however, it’s recommended to verify privacy rules to avoid any law breaking especially with the General Data Protection Regulation starting the 25th May this year.

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