Facebook ads are a great way to bring new traffic to your hotel website and to retarget your current visitors with exclusive promotions. The opportunity to create highly targeted ads and deliver them to specific audiences allows you to sell your hotel effectively and to increase the number of direct bookings you’ll see as a result.

Knowing how to structure your Facebook Advert account and how to measure your results is essential for a successful Facebook marketing strategy. In the following article we’re going to focus on the website traffic campaigns which have a direct impact on your bookings.

Your campaign strategy depends on a number of factors such as the available marketing budget, your target markets and your current promotions and other marketing initiatives. But before you start with the campaign structure you need to make sure that your Facebook pixel is properly installed. This tracking enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Setting up tracking will allow you to re-target people with ads after they took a specific action on your site. It's recommended that you set up tracking on both your website and your mobile app.

A good practice is to create at least 3 types of website traffic campaigns – cold traffic, remarketing and abandon check out process campaigns.

The cold traffic campaign aims at bringing new audience to your website. In order to create a successful cold traffic campaign you need to use the targeting tools available and use the full potential of the custom audiences. Exclude all website visitors and people who have engaged with your page and make sure to select the demographic groups that are most likely to be interested in your hotel. Use engaging content that feature the bestselling and unique points of your property.

After you have brought new and fresh traffic to your website it is time to create a remarketing campaign and offer exclusive promotions to your website visitors. Be smart about spending your budget and make sure you are still targeting the markets that are most likely to convert. A good budget optimization tip is to exclude the users who have already completed their bookings!

Create an Abandon Check Out campaign. If someone began the checkout process but didn't complete the booking, you can re-target them with the same inventory they were viewing or offer an additional discount in order to encourage them to complete their purchase.

To ensure the best possible results on of your campaigns always keep an eye on your CPC and don’t forget to A/B test your ads. Use the ads with the lowest cost-per-click and highest click-through-rate.

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