It’s official! Swell Media Agency has recently received its Search Ads Specialization badge with Google. We have demonstrated our AdWords skill and expertise. And while it was a lot of hard work in the past year, it is a badge we wear proudly as it comes with extra perks that will certainly take us one step ahead of our peers including:

  • 1- Having a dedicated Google Partner to Troubleshoot issues
  • This will shorten the time of our response rates to our clients as we have someone in Google who will be assisting our agency for any specific issues should we have troubles resolving it ourselves.

  • Official Listing in Google Partner Search
  • Having a page on Google Partner Search listing has always been one of our goals for Swell as it will put us on the map to potentially get more leads.

  • Being among the first to know the latest trends and strategies in Google Search Ads
  • As a Partner, we’ll be able to inform our clients on the latest best practices on Search Ads and be a step ahead of the game because Google will be able to provide us insights on what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Increase our Credibility in the hospitality industry
  • With our main digital marketing niche being for hotels, we’ll be able to correlate insights from our Search Ads campaign and contribute this knowledge to Google which will ultimately help our clients understand their audience on a larger spectrum.

    While there are more benefits than these, these top four are what we favor the most and can’t wait to utilise the tools available to maximise our growth. Contact us at contact@swell-agency.com to learn more about how we can assist you in your Google Search Ads needs!