You’ve probably wondered if your website really needs a blog and what possible benefits it can have for your hotel.

So why blog?

The simple and short answer – 60% of all businesses who blog increase their customer base and their revenue.

Still not convinced?

According to Tech Client featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines! And of course, the higher ranking means that your hotel will have more visibility and increased changes for more direct bookings.

If we have managed to grab your attention, make sure to get to know the following best practices which will increase your chances to acquire new clients and increase your revenue!

    SEO best practices:

    • 1. Use keywords that, you want your website to pull top rank for and ensure that your post title contains the most important keywords.
    • 2. Optimize the images with ALT text so that your hotel can be discovered on Google Image search
    • 3. Link out to other professional companies in your industry and to your other blog posts.

    Content best practices:

    • 1. Focus on non-branded keyword content. Tell the potential guests more about your location and share tips about their travel.
    • 2. Credibility is important. Use sources and statistics to back up your claims.
    • 3. Include call to actions and promote the relevant events or current promotions.

    Blog platform best practices:

    • 1. Make sure your blog is clearly connected to your website.
    • 2. Less is more! Ensure your blog is organized and easy to navigate.
    • 3. Make sure to have Google Analytics installed and analyze what your audience likes and searches for the most

And of course - don’t forget to engage with your readers and ask them what they want to find out more about! Share your articles on your social media pages and other travel related groups!

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