Personalization is a key ingredient in any hotel marketing strategy and it has a substantial impact on the consumer loyalty and your hotel revenue.

In simple terms, personalization is the ability to deliver messages which are relevant to each of your customers’ needs and to their consumer journey. It’s about delivering tailored content to the right people at right place and time.

Your digital channels, including your website and social media channels, can give you a pretty good insight into your customer’s trends and patterns. Analyzing the available data and using the sophisticated tools available can help unlock the power of personalization and would make it easier to deliver relevant content to your customers.

Your website visitors leave very useful information even if they don’t make a booking. Monitoring what they search, view and click can allow you to tailor your next interaction with each potential guest. Using data such as the users IP address, geography, and browser type can allow customizing the room-type sort order, packages and amenities, and showing the potential guests a personalized offer more likely to lead them to convert.

Personalization is actually very welcomed by the users. According to a study by American Express, 83% of Millennials said they would let travel brands track their digital behaviour if this would provide them with a more personalized experience! Being bombarded with so many messages and offers, users find it hard to make a choice. Understanding their personality and desires allows you to offer the services or amenities that they've already shown interest in and to get them to complete their booking.

Whether it is Google display, social media or email marketing, personalization is an extremely powerful tool for reaching travellers in their decision making consumer journey stage. Making use of the vast personal data available will allow you to drive more direct bookings, create customer loyalty and increase your hotel revenue.

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