In order to expand the hotel digital marketing concept in Morocco, we organized a conference at the Higher Institute of Tourism in Tangiers (ISITT), a leading institute in the hospitality field. ISITT plays a vital role in the sector by developing management skills. Since its launch in 1972, it has remained the industry leader when it comes to training future hoteliers.

We chose “Hotels & Resorts: The keys to an effective digital strategy” as the theme of the conference. It was presented by one of our founders Mr Assil Bernossi. The main goal was to show the students how the success of hotels nowadays relies on a good digital marketing strategy. This subject encouraged the audience to interact with us and ask meaningful questions.

We wanted to make the topic as simple as possible. We started the event by defining the most important concepts in digital marketing such as remarketing, Google Adwords, display, Ota's role, etc.

Then, we connected digital marketing with the hospitality industry by discussing how important it is for hotels to implement an efficient social media strategy. We all know that millennials’ lives revolve around social media, so this topic in particular sparked students’ interest. We also showed them some tips and tricks of the trade, including the most important options available through social media.


We were happy to deal with a very engaged audience. Our aim was to share our knowledge in digital marketing with the future hoteliers. We placed special emphasis on the importance of establishing an efficient digital marketing strategy.

We all know there is intense competition within the hospitality industry, which is why relying on digital marketing is a key to success.

We want to thank Mr Afquir, his team, and everyone who attended this conference. It was a pleasure to see students so driven to learn more about digital marketing.